The company aims to meet the needs of different industries in the dynamic process control systems and components for power transmission and material in Iran , has been established .The company provides all its objectives with the needs and demands of our customers , has been aligned to accelerate the implementation of projects and the quality of their final contribution is small .Iran 's top recruit senior engineers , using superior technical knowledge of European countries , offices in the provinces and great engineers , support personnel , including those that led to the success of the enterprise is beside the grace of God .
Given the importance and magnitude of the industry 's production in developing countries ,The main focus initially on the production of large factories in Iran Which according to the company's most successful steel project ( Most projects in the past few years as Project Breakaway steel martyr Kharrazi , RH TOP , accumulation and withdrawal , casting machine -S·h one - two - five , and , of South Kaveh Steel , Steel Khorasan , Hormozgan Steel , etc. ) It is confirmed that the products offered by this company , complete with special circumstances in the steel industry , is implemented .  
Also in the mining and cement sectors , with full implementation of seven projects large and numerous cement and mineral projects company as the main reference materials and power transmission systems known in the industry .
Emphasis on offering products from leading European brands and full support ( even during the sanctions ) upon another because of the success of the company in the industry .