helical bevel

watt drive
Bevel gear units

Innovative total solutions up to 120 kNm.
The bevel gears K.. RX 8.. are designed 2 to 4-staged by which thermal power limits from 14 - 304kW are covered.
With bevel gear motors, an IEC adapter with coupling establishes the motor mounting. The input level of those drives built the bevel level so that a swivelling of the input shaft is possible. Thus more mounting positions can be established, which is of a great advantage in case of a small mounting space. The housings are worked on every side like the parallel shaft gears and have the same mounting dimensions at the same size.
Technical Data
•    Number of sizes:
•    Power Range:
5.5 - 355kW
•    Output torque range:
2.2 - 119kNm
•    Ratio:
4.4 - 700
•    Output option:output shaft, hollow shaft, hollow shaft with shrink disc
•    Assembly/mounting:uniblock, swing base